Water for the People

Water is a critical factor that drastically drives survivability meter up or down in any scenario. We’ve woven that in our shelter management layer, so striving to provide clean drinking water to your survivors should be at the top of your priorities.
But while we appreciate micro-management here and there, Urban Strife is about more than babysitting the natives. In order to allow the player to go out, explore, interact and fight, we’ve added a layer of industrial upgrades you can build that will handle, in the end, the more tedious tasks of the shelter management. For example: your mechanics will be able to build a high power water pump, upgrade it with a large capacity filter and as long as you keep the filters clean and the gas generator going, you will have the eternal gratitude of the Urban shelter dwellers.

Eternal like in a couple of days peace, of course, what’s eternity worth nowdays anyway…

water pump urban strife

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