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Zombies changed everything.

The zombie outbreak collapsed society. An island of humanity remained, saved by the military.
Walls went up and factions formed.
Play as a group that survives as mercenaries. Fight through a series of contracts as the story unfolds.


Tactical turn-based strategy with action points and stealth.

The game is under development  and a demo will be available soon.


Choose your team size, upgrade and equip your fighters as to best fit your playing style and the contract objectives. Trade off between stealth, speed, and combat to eliminate all targets or infiltrate undetected to steal or assassinate.

Advance through contracts with increasing difficulty to unlock better equipment and game modes. Re-play contracts to improve previous results and get all the secondary objectives.


Use covers to move stealthy or defend from hostile fire. Flank, use ranged or melee weapons, gadgets, and grenades to eliminate hostiles.

Surprise the targets with stealth to eliminate them quickly. Use high ground for better accuracy and higher visibility.

Each character plays differently based on his strength, agility, marksmanship , and skills.


Earn your escape from the city by taking contracts between feuding factions. Manage your equipment and team, but most of all, manage your relations with your employers. Watch out for the military overlords. Slight or provoke them, but be ready to suffer the consequences.


Stealth plays a key part of Urban Strife. Ammo and explosives are rare and expensive while noises attract unwanted attention. With an endless supply of zombies, it’s better to avoid fighting when possible.


The outbreak didn’t spare many. Zombies are slow, but very determined. They ignore crippling damage, just to get a bite.

Zombies tend to swarm, corner and overwhelm. Try not to put yourself between the rival humans and the zombie pack and maybe you will survive.

The Team

We are a very small studio from Bucharest, Romania. Our passion for making games started on the Z80 processor, moving on to PC and that’s even before we started high school. We went our separate ways and joined the corporate corps.
After more than ten years of relevant experience, we reunited to form our own company and create strategy games.

An experienced Engine and 3D graphics developer, with a knack for performance optimizations. Most of his experience comes from working on titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Driver San Francisco, H.A.W.X 2, Endwar, Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic and other fancy brands.
Interested in the game-play experience. The game has to be hard, but the flow and the controls must feel natural.
Worked on Red Alert (mobile) while at Electronic Arts.
Part of the initial team that started the Bucharest studio for King.com so going indie was the next logical step.
Working in small teams in the past was key in adapting to the indie lifestyle.
Alex3D Artist
Came into contact with 3D art on a bus, on his way to college. Got off the bus, quit college, started studying 3D at home.
Loves modeling and texturing AND likes his games dark.

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