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February, 2017



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Squad tactical turn-based game. Features action points, zombies, stealth, scavenging, dangerous enemies. The player will focus on surviving instead of shooting anything that moves. The story takes place in an urban area, a stronghold against the zombie plague. There are four factions that divided the territory between them. You control a group of four survivors that takes contracts (tactical assignments) with clear primary and secondary objectives. The tactical assignment is split into two parts: stealth and combat. The player's squad is always in stealth when there aren't alerted enemies. This means that stealth can be recovered, if lost, by eliminating everybody who spotted your group. Also there are silent weapons such as melee weapons and crossbows. In combat, positioning and smart use of skills are key for winning. Use covers to avoid getting hit and flank for better chance to hit. Story The zombie outbreak collapsed society. An island of humanity remained, saved by the military. Walls went up and factions formed. Play as a group that survives as mercenaries. Fight through a series of contracts as the story unfolds. There are four factions right now and we plan to add more. Each faction shows a different aspect of the social collapse. Some people got twisted by the horror of the zombie outbreak and some, maybe, they were always like this. Single Player Campaign Take contracts between feuding factions. Manage your equipment and team, but most of all, manage your relations with your employers. Make hard decisions that affect your party and the outcome of the urban enclave. Survive Scavenge what resource you can, steal the rest. The new world is merciless. Protect your party, only together you can survive. Platform: We are focusing on PC due lack of resources, but Unreal Engine 4 is a cross-platform engine. We will definitely look into supporting Mac and Linux in the future.



  • Automatic cover system: Characters use any cover available if close enough. Low cover (shoot over it) and high cover (shoot around it). The cover value depends on what is made of (if it looks sturdy, it's better), on the type (low/high) and the angle the attacker has. An attack at an angle is more likely to succeed than a frontal one.
  • Action points: Each character has a number of action points to spend each turn on attacking, supporting or positioning.
  • Attributes and Skills: There are four attributes that influence different aspects of the combat and the skills available for a character. Strength, Agility, Marksmanship and Intelligence, each has it's own branch of skills. There will be passive and active skills.
  • Smart enemies: Depending on the faction you are facing, the human enemies act differently. Expect the military to be professionals and a difficult adversary, while others may use their savagery or cunning instead.
  • Stealth: Move from cover to cover to avoid being seem, but be careful of the noise as well. Loud noises attract attention.
  • Zombies: Don't let the undead see or hear you. It's better if they attack the enemy so try to maneuver them to your advantage.
  • Scavenge: Search for anything you can use or trade. Toothpaste and soap are nice, but ammunition and grenades are better.
  • Game types: The game will feature many contract objectives: Save a person, Steal something, Sabotage, Assassinate, Investigate, Defend, etc.


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