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With the arrival of the zombies, society collapsed worldwide. Only a few people remained alive, some being saved and recruited by the army, others joining independent groups that have their own methods in dealing with the current struggle. With every group establishment, walls have begun to form faces. Those faces represent the newly formed factions.
Having found themselves in a time where it is easier to eliminate a threat rather than trying to come to an agreement, a war between factions broke out inside the city. Each faction will fight for the same two main reasons: survival and full control of the city.

Last known survivors must defend themselves from the dangers that lurk outside their camp’s walls. That’s how ordinary people turned into mercenaries and learned, on their own, what survival means.

“Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception!”

URBAN STRIFE is a post-apocalyptic tactical turn based game with a strategic layer featuring rival factions and zombies.

The game is based on the following key features:

  • Turn-based combat with a classic action points system;
  • Survival means such as scavenging, crafting and trading items;
  • Character skill tree system and perks;
  • Shelter management and upgrade.

Use covers to move stealthy or defend from hostile fire. Try to engage your targets before they can reach cover

Scavenge, craft, and trade resources carefully. Useful things are scarce

Sleep with one eye open, you never know who’s lurking outside the fence


We are an indie game development team, brought together by the same goal: to improve the world of tactical turn-based strategy games. Our passion for making games started on the Z80 processor, moving on to PC and that’s even before we started high school. After more than 12 years of relevant experience, we reunited to form our own company and create strategy games.

Our team worked on some big triple AAA titles, but we definitely don’t like to brag (*cough* Ubisoft) and now, with this background experience, power and ambition, we are looking to release our first indie title, URBAN STRIFE.


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