In Urban Strife you lead a team of makeshift, slightly deranged rangers in an effort to keep the small community of Urban alive, amidst a zombie pandemic. With what’s left of human civilization divided into factions fighting over the scraps, you will need to broker alliances and fight factions wars, fortify and rebuild your community and forge a future against the ever-present threat of the zombie horde.

Proceed with care and stealth and eliminate your targets one by one or blast away with shotguns and machine guns that mow entire hordes of zombies at once. Lure unsuspecting AI enemies into noise traps and knock them out cold from the shadows. Blow their cover with explosives and Molotovs, snipe them silently with silenced pistols and crossbows or get your hands on rare .50 BMG anti-material rifle and knock their door (and half the wall) down.

Old-school Combat

  • Old-school isometric, turn-based, action-points and interrupt tactical layer.

  • Level design with tactical flexibility, allowing flanking, interrupt fire, window entry, rooftop combat and cover destruction.

  • Weapons customizabile with attachments and kits, both looted and fabricated.

  • Stealth based on dynamic view and hearing range and advanced AI alert system.

Immersive Role-Play

  • Your own ingame character, with customizabile appearance and skills.

  • Skills and perks tree that unlocks powerful specialist abilities.

  • Personal reputation that spreads across the entire county, earning you new allies and making new enemies.

  • Autonomous NPCs with their own lives, that moan, bitch or praise your actions.

Apocalypse Survival

  • Your own fortified base, with plenty of options to repair and upgrade

  • A rich economy, with survival industry, a black market and faction traders

  • Bushcraft  useful items such as Molotov cocktails and fabricate advanced ones in specialist run workshops.

  • Access hidden recipes by exploring hidden areas, befriending quirky NPCs or becoming a faction ally.


Your story begins in the fictional county of Urban, a small community somewhere in the American south, two years after an extinction level viral pandemic almost wiped out the human race. The few surviving pockets of humanity are fighting a losing battle, barricaded behind makeshift walls, with dwindling supplies and hope.

This is when you begin to play your part. You’re rescued half dead and nursed back to life by the kind people of Urban Shelter but it soon becomes clear you’ve not arrived at the best of times. The survivors are frightened, weak and either very old or very young. They need a bold hero desperately to break out of the cold embrace of death outside their walls. Are you their savior? Or their worst mistake? Come to Urban and discover yourself!

Real Ballistics & Full Range Melee

Firearms come with a real ballistic calculation – each bullet or shotgun pellet has its own trajectory calculation, with caliber specific material penetration power. Wreak havoc with shotguns against hordes of enemies from upclose, use high power assault weapons and go through multiple targets at once or play it silent with the good old baseball bat, a crossbow or simply your fists.

Unique Horde AI & Crowd Pathing

Large zombie hordes in USG come with an unique feature that makes them both a challenging tactical element and a lot less of a chore than in classical turn-based games. Using an advanced A.I. routine, the zombies in a horde move ALL IN ONE TURN, with each individual acting upon his own sensors and alerts. If you screw up, death can come quick. But at least you won’t die of boredom.

Full Modding SDK & Exhaustive Tutorials

With everything under our own IP, we’re free to open up the game for modding as much as we like. You will be able to access and mod the game with unprecedented depth. And our Modding SDK will help you do it easier than ever, providing a powerful editor and a blueprint system that will allow both simple and advanced customization of the game. And best of all things: it will cost you nothing!


We created a world that lives and reacts to your story. Not only you will have a branching dialogue system at your disposal to influence those you meet, but your actions will change the entire face of the game. Urban itself will transform under your eyes, for good or for worse. Your reputation will spread wide and far and follow you on every interaction with the NPCs. And while the residents of Urban will help your ragtag band of rangers in your mission, expect them to give you a less than enthusiastic welcome if the food has run out and the water reserves are dry.

If you want a bit of peace and quiet, sitting around smoking “medicinal” plants from your hydroponics room won’t be the enough. You will need to go out and make strong allies and they will give you access to unique materials, weapons and recruitable NPCs. The cultists want everyone to adopt the zombies as the children of God. The bikers want to spent the last days on Earth swimming in booze, drugs and sin. And the rebel Army garrison will keep the world safe from zombies,  nomads, criminals, cultists and everyone else who isn’t up to date with the protection money.

Quite a choice of friends! Enjoy…

The Cult of Second Chance

Started by a former TV salesman who now calls himself The Father, the Cult hides somewhere in the forest, teaching their followers to embrace the new world as a gift from the above, undead included. This led to them reportedly picking up zombies off the streets like an old lady hoards stray cats. They are adepts of non-violence but rumor is their monks can kill a man with a stare.

The Shady Lady Bikers

The local biker charter runs the most profitable business in times of conflict: booze, hookers and weapons. Their “gentlemen club”, The Shady Lady, is open 24/7 for all your pleasures and needs. Pay your bills and they’re your best friends. Break a deal and you’re on their kill list. They sell every drug you can imagine, run a vehicle shop with all the parts you’ll ever need and can source any black market weapon you desire.

The Rogue Army Garrison

The Army Rangers garrison in Urban went rogue, shot dead whatever high-ranking officer they could find and decided to run the base their own way. They want to cleanse the town of nomads, criminals and zombies. In that order. Other than that, they sit on a invaluable cache of Army supplies provided by Uncle Sam and for the right price, they are ready to provide their clients with top military-grade hardware.

Fix your shelter, build new facilities, craft new survival items


The town center of Urban has been devastated in the first days of the apocalypse. You need to fix the city radio, reopen the local hospital, clean up the auto shop, retool the workshop, see about a permanent barracks for  the team and then you’ve just started. There are gardens to plant, rat farms and frog ponds to establish, training facilities to arrange and dozens other upgrades  to add.

Craft special dum-dum ammo to stop the hordes, tweak your weapons with attachments, build new parts and discover new recipes to combine into useful items. Loot the corpses of your enemies, scavenge resources from the abandoned houses and trade items with faction dealers. Explore the world by foot, by car or delve into a dark network of subway tunnels. And do it in style, with your very own custom zombie-proof SUV, built from scrap with your own hands.