Urban Strife – October 2020 Development Update

After the big announcement of our partnership with MicroProse and all the buzz in the media, yesterday we saw Urban Strife enter Steam Top Wishlists! And we want to extend you all a big THANK YOU! But there is still a lot more work to be done, so distractions aside, here’s […]

Urban Strife – August 2020 Development Update

First the BIG NEWS some of you might be aware of, some not. Urban Strife now has a PUBLISHER! Yep, we’re in high gear now. More on this after the big reveal party (soon). Hang around, we got cake. This of course takes the development plans on a whole new orbit […]

Urban Strife – Advanced AI Cover Logic

Turn 1: Evaluates the player’s position and maximizes damage by shooting multiple times without running to cover.
Turn 2: Because any obstacle breaking the line of fire counts as cover, due to the realistic ballistic simulation (the truck platform can stop bullets aimed lower) the AI takes partial cover without going right […]

Urban Strife – Zombie Horde Aggregation on Sound (WIP)

For the next internal pre-alpha build we’re adding the finishing touches to the zombie AI behavior. Here’s a small sample of the gameplay, with the horde aggregating and following sound sources. You can also see the Unique Zombie Turn we’ve been mentioning, our fix for the otherwise horrendously slow undead groups […]

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