Combat Improvements in Urban Strife

With a lot of people requesting a sneak peak at combat, we’ve edited together a string of the latest improvements in that department, for your viewing pleasure. We have a new safe-cover-to-shoot animation (with a corresponding high chance to get interrupted to balance it). Also we’re showcasing penetrable/destructible cover (still enough […]

Manual Walls Blend Control in Urban Strife

In the quality of life improvements department, we’ve found out the players had trouble using the mouse wheel to both zoom in and blend walls so we decided to separate them on different controls. Now the blend is both on an on-screen gizmo, where you can clearly select what level of […]

Targeting body parts and cover system

We have a new aiming system that allows body part targeting! The aimed scope also gives you visual feedback on what body parts are exposed. If there’s a clear line of fire, the part is highlighted in red. If there’s light obstruction on the path that the bullet is going to […]

A Warm Welcome

We have implemented an advanced fire mechanic in Urban Strife that spreads it from one flammable asset to another, bringing unimaginable fun and chaos to any combat situation. Couple it with a few tweaks to the AI and immolating zombie will be on the menu. And your team, if you do […]