Urban Strife – Closed Alpha Sneak-Peek 1 (Looting & Crafting)


Here is a brief sneak peek at the looting and crafting options that will be available in upcoming Urban Strife closed alpha build, coming this spring! Stay tuned for more soon and tell your friends it is coming! For real, tell everyone you know, we need to get the word […]

Urban Strife – Closed Alpha Sneak-Peek 1 (Looting & Crafting)2020-05-01T09:13:46+00:00

Urban Strife – Negotiating a trade


Urban Strife has a barter economy so it will be upon you to find out what items a trader likes most (with some helpful hints) in exchange for that precious resource you’re dying to get. Today we’ll try to get Sparrow to give up some Molotov components in exchange for […]

Urban Strife – Negotiating a trade2020-05-01T09:14:37+00:00
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