We’re pleased to announce Urban Strife has been handpicked as one of the featured games at the upcoming Steam NextFest, coming February 6th. To celebrate this, we’ve taken your feedback and polished even more the Prologue Demo. This time you will be able to enjoy it fully, from day one of the festival and well beyond after NextFest ends.

Because we promised you an early comeback and because being a featured game requires one to have a press demo, tonight we will reactivate our regular build, the one you’ve seen Zemalf, Splattercat and other content creators play. You can, of course, download and have fun with it, but it is meant to be a demo for journalists and the un-patient ones. Just remember to be back here on February 6th, or you’ll miss a lot of things.

If you’re curious what exactly there is to miss, here’s a tentative list of NextFest Demo features:

All the industry NPCs have now a quest to build a specific shelter upgrade; spend materials and you’ll get to see the shelter change under your eyes
You can now salvage items and weapons at the Recycler Workshop and obtain building materials
There are 4 new facilities you can build: a garden (+food), a jail (+morale), a pharmacy (+health) and a garage
The items now have a trade value and the traders will be openly displaying the cut they take so you can do your trading math correctly
The backpack has been completely redesigned, with carry slots now clearly separated from equipment slots and filters;
Speaking of filters, all containers have item filters now and a SORT button for easier inventory management
Item generation and manipulation has also been redesigned to lower memory use that sometimes lead to crashes
We have added much needed hover information on the main HUD (and we plan to expand this to other parts of the interface)
Targeting cursor has been adjusted to convey extra and more accurate information; loot cursor now is animated for easier detection of interactable objects
The city map has been re-drawn, showing the local attractions, districts and a streamlined road layout
Also on the city map, we have a new sector info chart, with new information about the places you plan to visit
RPG has gone through a new overhaul round, dialogues are now less stuffed; you can still read the lore, but you can do it at will, after you settle in
Finally, there is a whole new intro sequence to the game for more immersive story telling
List will continue as we add more features – expect an update closer to the festival.