White Pond Games is looking to hire a senior Level Designer.
– The candidate should understand how level design opens up gameplay choices and opportunities for a player and be able to work within the specifications defined by the Gameplay Designer.
– The candidate should also be willing to understand the atmosphere, theme and create levels that reinforce these themes.
– The candidate should be able to design levels with a clear understanding of game metrics and logic whilst ensuring readability for both combat and exploration.
– The level designer will be expected to test their levels and understand how their design choice will be interpreted by players who explore their levels.

Additional Requirements
– Creation of a Level Design Bible: Documenting proper level building processes for junior level designers and artists.
– Mentoring and Critiquing juniors working on levels and ensuring they meet expectations before integration in game.
– Be able to effectively gathering reference, generate asset lists and define the environments of smalltown USA required by the game story.
– Be experienced with level design in Unreal 4.xx

Applicants should contact us via email with your resume and any supporting videos of images of your work to: contact@urbanstrifegame.com

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