Urban Strife Modding SDK includes all the stuff you need to make the TBS/RPG of your dreams. And it’s powered by the Unreal Engine Editor, aka you get to use amazing game engine and tools for free. So here is what can you expect from the first release of the USG Modding SDK:

Build your custom military commanders, aliens, psycho manipulative queens of 3rd world countries and more

Dialogues & Banters are the backbone of any RPG game, where plastic soldiers become actors with personality; USG comes with its own dialogue & banter system that we built from scratch.

NPC/RPC that just sit idle might be what you got used to from low budget games, but no more; USG allows you to set a full and complex daily schedule either for specific groups or individuals. Your worlds will be full of life without much effort.

A trigger area is an easy and useful tool when you want things to happen in a specific zone; of course you can activate/deactivate it based on your game script (FSM), so your story can have as many twists and turns as you can write.

A FSM is a wonderful tool that allows you to script everything that needs to happen in your world, from small custom events to full blown quest lines; USG comes with a library of 56 conditions and 82 actions you can play with right away, but you can also add new ones through the blueprint editor included!

Script States are the backbone of your game. They make all the systems above communicate with each other and respond to FSM controlled events.

In the short preview that follows you will see how easy is to script an interaction in the world of USG.