The new Urban Strife demo is launching Friday, December 9th, during an official launch party hosted on, starting at 12 EST (17 GMT).

Urban Strife is joining another 300 turn-based games or so for the #TurnBasedFest event and you’ll be able to download and play the demo for the entire duration. We’ll come back with an updated demo in January and again, in February, for Spring NextFest!

The new demo is built on the latest production Unreal Engine (4.27) and thus comes with native 4k support. The entire interface has been upgraded to this new resolution, with some changes/improvement and additions to the shelter economy and looting HUD.

Speaking of looting, the entire system has been reworked, based on Loot Areas (more details in our DevBlogs) and container item preferences and should make more sense. No more pants found in fridges and no more spam cans rescued out of toilets. Cars and containers also change visual state when looted – that will also come in handy to quickly figure out what’s up for grabs.

Combat wise we’re on the second AI iteration and working on third already. The weapon load-out has been adjusted for all INTENDED enemies to fit the early game states of the Prologue. There are still main factions representatives present as an introduction to the game story and you can attack them, but beware, they’re much well armed than a poor scavenger.

Finally, the main RPG quest lines have been streamlined for more logical completion. And there will be a looming shelter crisis you need to keep an eye on due to low resources, so make sure you do not forget about the folks back home. There will be NPCs in the base that will take your looted food (Kitchen Chef), medicine (Doctor) and morale (Mayor) items if you care to donate them.

Hope you’ll enjoy the updates to the game and have a good time playing the demo!