Urban Strife – Advanced AI Cover Logic


Turn 1: Evaluates the player’s position and maximizes damage by shooting multiple times without running to cover.
Turn 2: Because any obstacle breaking the line of fire counts as cover, due to the realistic ballistic simulation (the truck platform can stop bullets aimed lower) the AI takes partial cover without going […]

Urban Strife – Advanced AI Cover Logic2020-05-01T09:19:39+00:00

Urban Strife – Zombie Horde Aggregation on Sound (WIP)


For the next internal pre-alpha build we’re adding the finishing touches to the zombie AI behavior. Here’s a small sample of the gameplay, with the horde aggregating and following sound sources. You can also see the Unique Zombie Turn we’ve been mentioning, our fix for the otherwise horrendously slow undead […]

Urban Strife – Zombie Horde Aggregation on Sound (WIP)2020-05-01T09:18:11+00:00

Urban Strife – Closed Alpha Sneak-Peek 2 (Firearms)


Here is a brief sneak peek at the looting and crafting options that will be available in upcoming Urban Strife closed alpha build, coming this spring! Stay tuned for more soon and tell your friends it is coming! For real, tell everyone you know, we need to get the word […]

Urban Strife – Closed Alpha Sneak-Peek 2 (Firearms)2020-05-01T09:13:24+00:00

Combat Improvements in Urban Strife


With a lot of people requesting a sneak peak at combat, we’ve edited together a string of the latest improvements in that department, for your viewing pleasure. We have a new safe-cover-to-shoot animation (with a corresponding high chance to get interrupted to balance it). Also we’re showcasing penetrable/destructible cover (still […]

Combat Improvements in Urban Strife2020-05-01T09:02:44+00:00
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