We are hiring!


White Pond Games is looking to hire a senior Level Designer.
– The candidate should understand how level design opens up gameplay choices and opportunities for a player and be able to work within the specifications defined by the Gameplay Designer.
– The candidate should also be willing to understand the atmosphere, […]

We are hiring!2022-03-23T10:14:45+00:00

A Warm Welcome


We have implemented an advanced fire mechanic in Urban Strife that spreads it from one flammable asset to another, bringing unimaginable fun and chaos to any combat situation. Couple it with a few tweaks to the AI and immolating zombie will be on the menu. And your team, if you […]

A Warm Welcome2019-06-28T20:22:34+00:00

Moonshine still!


In Urban Strife you will be confronted with life altering choices at every step. For example, where do the garden vegetables go? In tonight’s soup or into the shiny new alcohol still? Ok, little Johnny is hungry and all, but how would you rather pass an apocalypse when each night […]

Moonshine still!2019-03-16T14:49:44+00:00

Player’s Custom Hero


This is a small preview on the character creation process in Urban Strife. This takes part in two scenes – plugged right into the game story (watch until the end). Today we give you a glimpse in first scene, that deals with the cosmetic part. After a short introduction to […]

Player’s Custom Hero2019-03-16T14:48:26+00:00

Shotguns or Dr. Gauge… 12 Gauge


There is no better way to treat a zombie for migraine (“BRRAAINSS” is just a cry for help, you know) than a 12 gauge shotgun. In Urban Strife we provide you with the best tools to administer that kind of medication. And for the true fans of the shotguns, we […]

Shotguns or Dr. Gauge… 12 Gauge2019-03-16T14:45:47+00:00

A new HUD with very old vibes


We have great news today – the work on the main game hud is complete! We did an 180 on the art style here and we love how it turned out. It is also a small tribute to an old game we love – try to guess which.  The new […]

A new HUD with very old vibes2019-03-16T14:42:53+00:00

A Man’s Best Friend


Whenever there is an apocalypse, smart people say, it pays to carry a solid, trustworthy side-arm on you. In Urban Strife you can do even more. We are working (note the WIP) on an attachment system equal to that of modern FPS games that will allow deep customization of your […]

A Man’s Best Friend2019-03-16T14:39:47+00:00

Survival Industry Mechanics


Water is a critical factor that drastically drives the survival meter up or down in any scenario. We’ve woven that in our shelter management layer, so striving to provide clean drinking water to your survivors should be at the top of your priorities. But while we appreciate micro-management here and there, […]

Survival Industry Mechanics2019-03-16T14:37:50+00:00

Modding USG – Defining a simple RPG interaction


In this small modding example, we have Billy Bo Hicks, the acting sheriff in Urban (let’s pretend though it’s a new character we’re making from scratch), wasting time somewhere in the Shelter. Once he spots our hero (this means you) entering his defined proximity area, he stops from what he’s […]

Modding USG – Defining a simple RPG interaction2019-03-16T15:09:07+00:00
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