Immersive Role-Play


Strong side characters

Exploring the world of Urban with your fellow deputies will be an unique experience, depending on who you chose as your speaker. Their reactions and reactions to them are different and based on their background stories (together with their preset faction sympathies). Your own avatar is yours to mold, but make no mistake, your travelĀ  companions will do their best as well to steer you towards their causes.

  • Team mates react differently to events

  • Strong personalities and rich backgrounds

  • Choose your own RPG speaker for different outcomes

Immersive ingame cutscenes

For maximum immersion, special story cutscenes will happen naturally within the game. Outside major events, NPCs will lead own “lives”, on personal daily schedules and will react dynamically to the changes in story you direct.

  • NPCs with own daily schedules

  • Civilians react to your fame/infamy

  • Immersive story cutscenes

The human touch

The small town setting of Urban means everyone knows everybody. This heightens the human drama of the conflict, because the enemy often is someone your characters knew their entire life. Beside factions, beliefs and fanaticism, the conflict is quite human and personal.

  • Small town America flavor

  • NPC storylines bring human drama to the conflict

  • Thin lines between friends and foes

Branching RPG dialogue

While the main focus of the game will always be turn-bases strategy and combat, we wanted to allow the player access to a wide array of RPG dialogue “tools” that will unlock various scenarios easier than a gunfight would. Make use of your social skills and navigate the murky waters of faction politics. It might make you new enemies, but equally will open the door to new alliances and valuable friendships.

  • RPG skill-checks in dialogue

  • Faction karma system that follows your actions

  • A story that writes you as your write it