Base Management


Shelter Upgrades

While events put you in a base that has been dilapidated and is about to fall apart, through the common efforts of your friends you can turn your fate around and start building a true survival industry from scrap. Make use of everything you loot, send out scavengers, hire specialists and soon your Shelter will be sustainable and producing goods to trade and machinery to help you explore and fight.

  • Base with complete survival industry

  • Recipes for on-the-go bush crafts

  • Manage resources, workers and specialists

Unique Faction Know-How

The powers to be in Urban will try to entice you to their side with more than strong discipline, religious fervor or cheap booze. An alliance will give you access to development branches that are specific and unique to the chosen side. Some upgrades will make your exploration easier, some will ease the chores of managing a base and others will bring your combat capabilities to a whole new level. Explore a new path each time you start a new game and you will never get bored.

  • Unique base upgrades based on ally faction

  • Faction specific industry branches

  • A new experience each time you replay the game