Realistic Ballistics


TBS Weapons Reinvented

Urban Strife brings you all the popular weapon classes that you can expect to find in the context of the story (somewhere in a God forsaken town in the US south): handguns, shotguns, hunting and assault rifles, crossbows and a huge arsenal of melee items. We took exceptional care that each of these classes will be the right tool in specific situations, so there will be no power creep.

  • Every weapon class has a clear use

  • Bullets with realistic ballistic trajectory and damage

  • Real cover calculations, based on material penetration

A friend in need

Of course a powerful assault rifle or a .50 BMG is stuff you can dream to own in an apocalypse. But handguns and shotguns excel in CQB with excellent damage from up close and you will learn to love having one as a main or backup.¬†You can either enjoy the cumulative damage of the pistols due to their low AP costs, or favor shotguns with individual pellet damage adding up for close-up and room-clearing spread, it’s up to you.

  • Handguns are unmatched upclose

  • Shotguns shoot individual pellets in a wide come

  • Use the proper ammo for the job: FMJ or Hollow Point